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amanda falkson

The City of London is one of the most challenging professional environments in the world and sometimes we need help to gain clarity and find a way forward with professional or personal concerns.

Executive coaching works by discussing what matters with someone who may see things from a different angle.  It is a collaborative and solution-focused results oriented process that helps shift perspective, targeting professional and personal improvement.

Psychotherapy goes ‘under the radar’, helping to resolve difficulties or make changes to behaviour by considering the underlying issues that may be hampering the achievement of our aims.

With more than a decade of working separately with both coaching and psychotherapy, I now prefer to use an integrated approach combining both, finding it to be the optimum way to enhance self-awareness and encourage resilient leadership.

I have found that keeping the focus on now and the future whilst also reflecting to see how we have formed certain ways of doing things is by far the most powerful and strategic way to work. This enables me to offer executives and leaders the opportunity to work at different levels in a way designed to meet the full spectrum of their needs in a holistic and rounded way.

I am passionate about enabling people to be self-aware, resilient and resourceful in their professional and personal lives.



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Executive coaching with a therapeutic edge in the City of London amanda@coachingcity.co.uk 07775 570208

Therapeutic coaching in the city of london