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Executive Coaching in the City of London

for Professional Relationships & Work Related Issues

Experiencing problems and managing difficult relationships at work can be extremely stressful and challenging. Conflict in a professional relationship or being in a difficult work situation is exhausting and time-consuming. We lose perspective and question our judgement which can cause a drop-in confidence and self-belief.  When faced with these situations, Executive Coaching can help.

Why Choose Executive Coaching With Me?

Talking through a complicated or confusing professional concern makes a real difference. Using an integrated approach of coaching and psychotherapy, I will help you to unpick the issue, break it down into manageable components, explore the different aspects, gain clarity, make sense of the situation, get things into perspective and find a way forward.

This combined coaching and therapeutic approach offers a rounded and complete service specialising in those difficult to manage professional relationships and situations in an emotionally intelligent way.

Who Can Benefit from this Executive Coaching Approach?

I work with senior executives, CEOs, Lawyers and entrepreneurs. Also, senior creatives in advertising and music and leaders of NGOs and Charities, coaching them to be empathic, resourceful and resilient in their work and their working relationships.

Executive Coaching can help with a number of issues.

Here are some I regularly work with:

  • Managing difficult relationships at work, professional jealousy and conflict with colleagues
  • Conflict in the CEO/Board relationship (and conflict between Board members)
  • Coaching for when an accusation has been made against you
  • Being bullied at work (and when you have been accused of bullying at work)
  • Coping with sudden crisis at work
  • Coaching for when illness or death affects you, your team or company
  • Coping at work with social avoidance or shyness
  • Increasing confidence, self-esteem and self-belief
  • Coaching for managing expectations – my own and others
  • Coaching for setting boundaries at work
  • Becoming a better communicator with your team and colleagues
  • Professional performance – when you know or have been told you have to improve
  • When a poor work review has knocked your confidence
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Planning your exit strategy and moving towards leaving or retirement

If you would like to discuss having Executive Coaching or Professional Relationships & Work Related Issues or to make an appointment, contact me……

Executive coaching with a therapeutic edge in the City of London amanda@coachingcity.co.uk 07775 570208

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